About MayDays

In every May, Cluj-Napoca gets crowded with life, the youth fills the streets with their laughter and energy, making this period the month of youth. The MIK (the Hungarian Youth Center association) initiated the creation of MayDays built on the great power of youngsters.

Cluj was Europe’s youth capital in 2015, which inspired the organizations to start working together, they got to know each other and realized that they can achieve more by helping each other out. The MayDays initiative will take on the knowledge and experience gained by the civil and youth sphere. With the help of this project, the causes of the youth will be more visible this month. Our aim is to make space for dialogues and to let everyone see the aspirations of every organization that decides to join us. The concept of the MayDays is to build on youth and community, which we try to achieve by presenting their events on one platform. Each event has its cause and that’s what we would like to share with everyone: the purpose behind the events, the motivation of the organizations’ leadership. This way, the youth of Cluj-Napoca can prove that there is life after the year of being youth capital, and that the community of this city is driven by their, our work.